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You are the create_output(); ?> visitor since 1/1/98. Come by again as I sometimes add new artworks like "Sand Castles". Here are some vacation photos:

Portland, Oregon 2005

Orlando, Florida 2005

San Francisco, CA 2006

San Diego Comic Con 7.21.2006

San Diego Comic Con 7.22.2006

Grand Cayman Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park 7.12.2007

Grand Cayman Pirate's Caves 7.12.2007

Grand Cayman Atlantis Submarine ride 7.12.2007

Grand Cayman Butterfly Farm 7.13.2007

Cayman Brac Aunt Sha's 7.14.2007

Cayman Brac Brac Reef Resort 7.15.2007

Cayman Brac Maggie and her new friend 7.16.2007

Cayman Brac Maggie and Soo go diving 7.17.2007

Cayman Brac Maggie and Soo go sightseeing 7.18.2007

Cayman Brac at night 7.19.2007

San Diego Comic Con 7.26-29.2007

Arizona 9.2007

Maggie and Soo visit Caman Brac 7.6.2008

Maggie and Soo visit Caman Brac 7.7.2008

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