Sarah ticket November 29, 1997

Didn't like the opening act. Sarah opened with "Building A Mystery". She went through a +2 hour set with pretty much everything from "Surfacing" and "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy". :-) The renditions of "Hold On" and "Possession" were excellent. She also played a few tracks from "Touch". :-) She stated during the show that taking a break from touring gave her the chance to appreciate her older songs. I had great sets about 10 rows back and rate the show as awesome!

December 7, 1997

Tara MacLean opened the show and her folk type set was a good compliment to Sarah's faster set. I really liked her songs and her voice was lovely. I picked up a cd after the show and had Tara autograph it for me. :-)

Abra Moore had a rock/alternative sound that I really liked. A few of the songs were a bit hard for my taste but overall they played a great set. I'll have to go out and get her cd after I get paid!

Didn't really care for the next band Bare Naked Ladies. The band was fun but the music didn't turn me on.

Sarah was awesome! She was so sexy writhing on stage and she played my fav songs from her last 2 albums. :-) She looked great in her black tank top and she ditched the platform shoes from her L.A. show. Unfortunately she played for less than an hour and only did a 2 song encore claiming she and the band were tired. I was also a litle bummed she had a keyboard instead of her Grand piano.

I had a great time at the show. My sets were in the 5th row and at a good angle(same as in L.A.) to view the stage. They were courtesy of Bill Silva Presents and I rate it as the best free show I've seen in the 90's. :-)

Sarah ticket