July 16, 1999 Coors Amphitheatre

This is my third and fave Lilith Fair. The first act I saw was Sixpence None the Richer. The set was short but they played my There She Goes and Kiss Me. Their rendition of There She Goes is my second favorite after R.E.M. They are a pretty good band. :-)


Next up was Luscious Jackson. The lead singer was pretty luscious in her mini skirt and she does an excellent pogo. :-) They played a good set. I especially loved "Naked Eye". :-) This is a band to see again!



Lilith ticket stub  

Mya was entertaining. I'm not into dance music and never heard of her before. I liked a few songs and it was neat she brought a bunch of kids on stage and had them dance.

Dixie Chicks were okay. I don't like country music but they played a few songs that were okay. They had 3 neat blow-up stage props.

Sheryl Crow was excellent. I loved her rendition of "Squeeze Box". She played her greatest hits and was in top form. :-) I didn't like her short haircut though.

Sarah Mclachlan was last up and played some great tunes. Adia was the most memorable. I love Sarah. She sounded great and I wished she played longer. It was great she invited all the Lilith acts to sing the last song with her. :-)

There are many reasons this was my fav show. This was the only time I ever had good seats. Front row above the Orchestra pit. :-) I could actually see who was on stage. :-) There were also 2 huge video screens for those further away.

I also got some cool free stuff. A sampler cd, Sixpence tape, candy bars, a condom, tatoos, + Biore. :-) The sound system was excellent and I got out of the parking lot within a half hour. At the first Lilith I was stuck at Irvine Meadows for hours. :-(



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