natalie ticket Natalie put on a great show at San Diego State. She has gotten better since I saw her a year ago. Being more comfortable with her new band definitely helped. She got us on our feet when we seemed hesitant to dance. :-) She danced up a storm herself. I'm sure all the guys wanted her as she twirled across the stage in her hot little dress. She played all the tunes off Tigerlily and a couple from her 10,000 Maniacs days. I kinda wished she had played a few more from the old days but it was not to be. She did perform a great rendition of "Peace, Love, & Happiness". :-) The concert was the most fun I've been to for a long time. :-)

Innocence Mission opened to a sold-out house in San Diego's Civic Theatre(11/20/95). I've never seen them before and for a few minutes thought it was Natalie! The lead singer has a similiar sounding voice and from 15 rows back they look like sisters. Most of their set had a bluesy feel to it reminiscient of The Cowboy Junkies or Mazzy Star. They did an excellent cover of "From Both Sides" by Joni Mitchell. One complaint I have is there set was too short! Next time I stop by Off The Record I'll have to pick up their cd. :-)

Natalie started her show with a little dance with a backlight against the curtains. She was quite a tease with her slinky moves. She then belted off some selections from "Tiger Lilly". The songs were quite extended due her dancing around the stage for most of the songs. Somewhere along the way she became barefoot. The girl demonstrated she was rather healthy running laps around the stage! She got the crowd on it's feet about half the night with some help from some old favorites from her 10,000 Maniacs days like "These Are Days". I was shocked when she covered "Sympathy For The Devil"! The encore performance was stirring. I loved her melancholy rendition of "City of Angels". It seemed she might have brought tears to herself! Natalie put on a great performance. Her most powerful songs are from her 10,000 Maniacs Days though. After the concert tour she could go on a dance tour... hehe...


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