Shaolin Do: Secrets from the Temple by James R. Halladay and Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' is an overview of the history of the Shaolin arts from the vantage point of the current Grandmaster of the Shaolin art.

The book covers the following topics:

  • The History of the Shaolin Temple
  • Sin Kwang The', Profile of a Grandmaster
  • Shaolin-Do, The Modern Day Link to the Shaolin Temple
  • Forms, A Finger Pointing at the Moon
  • The Eight Immortals Fighting Style, Pa Hsien Ch'uan
  • Shaolin Iron Hand Training
  • Chi Training through Breathing and Meditation
  • Advanced Chi Training
  • The Origins of Shaolin Breathing and Meditation Practices
  • Shaolin's Internal Fighting Arts
  • Liu Fu Tao, The Sixth Sense Training
  • Tien Hsueh, the Death Touch

This book can be purchased at bookstores nationwide or can be obtained from the publisher KENDALL/HUNT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Iowa by calling 1-(800) 228-0810 or Fax: 1-(800) 772-9165 for $19.95 + shipping and handling + tax.

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