This part of my site is a forum to exchange information about the quality of service of local Internet providers . Bill has a list of providers in this area. There is also THE LIST and the Internet Access Providers Meta-List to help you locate a provider. If you want to provide me with a trial account I will be happy to review your service.

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Don't sign up for A+Net! I signed up for home dsl service with a 10MB free web page and free domain registration. I had to sign a 2 year contract and was charged $198 at that time. It took about 2 months before I got dsl service. When I tried to put up my website I found out banner ads are placed on all webpages. When I complained I was told I was not promised a banner free web page and so I will have banners on all my webpages. Additionally the sales manager told me I could expect legal action for defamation if I make accusations about them.

Be careful who you sign up with! I'm stuck with a service I don't like for the next 2 years. I'm going back to cable modem service the moment my contract expires. Email me if you want more details or have tips on consumer groups to complain to.

The Better Business Bureau assisted in taking my case to an arbitrator. Unfortunately I lost. I'd be wary of any company that would prefer sending one of their managers to arbitration rather than try to make their customers happy. If you have a problem with A+Net demand arbitration. It's free! I have also filed a complaint with the FTC.

A+Net is still sending my bills 6 months after they cut off my service. I have retained an attorney and we are sueing them in small claims court. If you are unhappy with them document everything and take them to court! If enough people take them to court I'm sure their CEO will tire of the court appearances and changes will be made.