One of my hobbies is going to concerts and collecting bootleg cd's. To see my entire collection of cd's or my concert reviews go to the literature section.

The song for the month of October is Fumbling Towards Extacy by Sarah McLachlan.Mail me if you really like this page cause I'm thinking about ending the file downloads as they take alot of server space. You can get a free MP3 player at if you don't already have one.

Check out the Softies concert review!

Fumbling Towards Extacy by Sarah McLachlan (5 MB)

Bad trader alert!

Adam Coates never sent me a cd-r as promised. Here is his contact info:

Adam Coates
15 Pasture Avenue
Sherburn In Elmet
LS25 6LG

Tori Amos

  • why kant tori read?
  • Upside Down

  • The Coctaeu Twins
  • The Forgotten 4AD Tracks

  • Counting Crows
  • As Funky As They Can Be

  • The Cranberries
  • Scream

  • The Cure
  • Arabian Dreams
  • At the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

  • Dead Can Dance
  • Sinful Gardens

  • Hole
  • Unplugged

  • Jewel
  • DDDelight
  • Salvation
  • Unplugged
  • When You Smile
  • woodstock 1999
  • You Were Meant For Me
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • border songs
  • song bird
  • Under a Blackened Sky
  • Unplugged and More

  • Alanis Morissette
  • hard to swallow
  • hot and bothered

  • NICO
  • live heroes
  • live in tokyo

  • Nirvana
  • the radio sessions
  • roma final board

  • Pearl Jam
  • manifesting morrison
  • Unplugged... and a little plugged

  • R.E.M.
  • Blue The Acoustic Concert (bootleg of MTV Unplugged)
  • Carnival of Sorts
  • From The Borderline
  • It's The End of The World...
  • these days
  • wood green

  • The Smiths
  • thank your lucky stars

  • 10,000 Maniacs
  • cool white stare
  • Eden's Children

  • U2
  • Catholic or Protestant
  • Zoo TV From the Mixing Desk

  • since 1/21/98.

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