March 9 1997 at Jabberjaw Coffeehouse Los Angeles, CA.
The venue was a hole-in-the-wall type of joint you go when you tire of commercial places like Starbucks. Like Jen Sbragia said "The perfect place to spend a Sunday night." Their music was perfect for winding down the weekend. A bit like the Sundays without the lush backgrounds. I loved the clean sound from their 2 guitars and duets. softies
They played mostly songs from their new cd "Winter Pageant". You can hear a track on my songs page. They didn't play my fav song though "Hello Rain". *sigh* It was an awesome show and I bought their latest cd afterwards. You can buy it direct from Slumberland Records.
Before the show I saw the 2 Softies hanging in the back of the place on a sofa. In the middle of the show that asked us if there was a cheap version of Disneyland nearby. After the show Rose Melberg sold shirts cd's & e.p's. It was awesome seeing great artists close up without a need for big security guards or limos/trailers. I find it refreshing to see up-and coming acts. I hope they make it to Disneyland someday!

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