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August 1997
I've used Simply Internet for 8 months on a Mac Quadra 610 and a Packard Bell Pentium. I connect successfully within 3 tries. The one thing I like better about SDSU is their newsgroups are a bit more current and they keep articles longer for San Diego newsgroups.

Also I have been hosting part of my site at AXNet and the sys admins there have been very helpful installing my guestbook program and providing help getting other features on my site working. :-)

Soo Hom

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 13:27:08 -0800
From: Richard Engel 

My only comment about Internet Express can be about customer service, since
I did not maintain the service for more than three days from the time I had
signed up with them at the California Computer Expo last year.

When I tried to connect to the (IRC) Undernet, I found that Inernet Express
did not have reverse domain naming - which limited the servers on the
Undernet that I could connect to.  Since I spend about 95% of my on-line
time on the Undernet, this was an unsatisfactory situation for me. I
contacted Internet Express to confirm that they did not provide reverse
DNS.  They told me that they did not have reverse DNS, so I cancelled the

I complied with the requirement to notify them within seven days of signing
up to cancel the service with no obligation.  I sent a fax as required by
the company.  In my fax, I requested a refund of the $9.99 I had paid at
the Expo.  The response from Internet Express?  None.  Nada.  Zip.  When I
called to inquire about the refund I requested, I was told simply "You
don't have a refund coming" with no explaination.

End of story?  Not quite.

Last night, I get a page from a person at Internet Express.  Today, I
returned the call, and find out that they are having a problem billing my
credit card!  They haven't billed my credit card in the nearly 5 months
that have lapsed since I cancelled the service and requested a refund.
When I asked about the $9.99, I was told that it was the monthly service
charge that I had paid for at the show, not a sign-up fee, and the service
charge is not refundable.  He also told me that far as they were concerned,
my account has been active for the last 5 months.  I suppose they could
have checked logs to see how often I had used the service since August, but
that apparently did not happen.

I am sure that there are plenty of people in the greater San Diego area
that use Internet Express with no problems.  It is when you run into
problems that a company's true colors seem to show through.  I, for one,
would not spend the time or money to move to Internet Express even if they
provided reverse DNS naming.  I feel that the shoddy treatment by customer
service, along with the laggard billing procedures, make this company a
less than optimum choice when it comes to ISPs.

But that is just one man's opinion.

From: "George Crissman" Subject: Tierra Miga Info Systems Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 14:24:01 -0800 I have been extremely pleased with the value of the service provided by Tierra Miga Info Systems. 1. How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? Seldom. Usually just after an OS upgrade, about 4 - 6 times per year. 2. How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? $20.00/month paid quarterly. Is there a limit to how many hours? 150 hours/month without regard to time of day. By contrast other providers only permit 30 hours during "Prime Time", allocating the rest of the allotted time to the off-peak hours of 1 AM to 5 AM. Who's awake at that time of day, anyway? If so what is the charge for additional hours? Believed to be $8.00 for each additional 30-hour block. 3. Are homepages offered? Yes. If so how much storage are you given? 2 Megabytes, approx. Can you put up imagemaps? CGI-BIN is for commercial accounts only. Page-hit counters are provided (even for personal pages) using a general-purpose on-site CGI script. 4. How is the customer service when there is a problem? Personal & thorough. 5. How many newsgroups does the server carry? 25,000 (approx) Is there news lag? Not that I've seen. 6. Are there dial-in lines throughout the county? Alpine to Chula Vista to Oceanside. And all points inbetween. 7. Are the modems 33.6 or 56.6? 28.8, when last checked. ISDN available? "I Still Don't kNow." (sorry, couldn't resist....) Likely, but haven't checked. What kind of transfer rates do you get? 28.8 Although Tierra Miga Info Systems maintains a low profile, service and support is top-notch. I recommend it to my friends as the best bargain available for internet access! -- George Crissman -- The Relationship Stress Test (for guys) gauges her commitment: Looking for a new home page? Try the list of choices at: Some believe the theory of dichotomy, but the rest of us do not.
From: "James Hart" Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 19:52:26 -0800 I happened to run into this page while doing dome position checks of some of mny clients URL"S and noticed the consistent lack of satisfaction with ISPS in San Diego. My experience has been with CTS,Electriciti, A+Net and MSN. I am currently hosting a over 20 commercial sites with a company called AxisInternet, located in Oceanside CA. After 2.5 years with Electriciti I was really beginning to wonder how the Internet was going to survive as a potential comercial medium. I received 8 phone numbers that were guarranteed to be "local dial-up", they were not and of course my phone bill eventually reached over $2000 for the year in accumilated long distance charges. MSN wouldnt connect most of the time so I dropped them. The others were thru clients whom were extremely upset with the quality of service versus the "claims" made regarding the service. After joining the AxisInternet bandwagon 5 months ago, two things changed dramatically, one-with Windows 95 I didnt have to use any scripts to dial-in, Two-they were very responsive to requests for service. Three-I became part of the company. FOUR- I realized that nothing is one hundred percent, as such I first check how my system is functioning before I check how networks services are functioning. In short-I couldnt find an ISP whom could deliver the services they claimed to be able to deliver, so I solved the problem by becoming part of one that needed help and building a network exactly how I knew I needed it to perform to keep my clients happy. Things still go wrong due to the high volume of idiots whom spend theyre days hacking away at private property that isnt theyres, but incients are minor and dial-up and hosting is fastest in San Diego. If you know of someone who entertains themselves by hacking and disrupting network services aka: your ISP, turn the loser's expensive, conterproductive and ILLLEGAL.... In short if you are a commercial business in San Diego and are tired of BETA testing your ISPS network, visit us and see how it is supposed to work. | .
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 97 22:48 PST This is to let you know my experience with Simply Internet and CTS. 1. How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? Simply Internet required redialing many times, and dropped my connection often. In the month since I've switched to CTS, I've not had any of these problems. More importantly, my Mac doesn't freeze up with CTS. 2. How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? Is there a limit to how many hours? It depends how you count it. They are both close to $20 monthly plus a similar setup charge for unlimited hour service. However since Simply Internet has charged me for three more months of service that I don't need and haven't used, it may effectively be about double for using Simply Internet unless I can dispute the charges with my credit card company. 4. How is the customer service when there is a problem? I am unhappy with Simply Internet, because of their billing policies. They renewed my account for a second three months without sending me anything in the mail, or to the university e-mail address that I use. Even though I have not used their system during this renewal period, they are unwilling to refund the charges because my cancellation letter did not reach them 14 days in advance, but instead about 3 days into the new billing period. In the credit card age, why do they need 14 days warning for a cancellation? Why not just charge me for an additional month instead of 3 months if I was two weeks late, and refund my credit card for the second two months? 7. Are the modems 33.6? What kind of transfer rates do you get? I am using a mere 14k modem right now. However when on Simply Internet my experience was that transfer rates were usually about 500 characters per second - except for waiting times when the system just kind of hung up. So my effective rate was much lower. Once I got as high as about 3000 characters per second (calling, and often it was 200 characters per second. At these rates, I didn't have much incentive to get a faster modem. With CTS, my rates improved immediately. It's been like turning on the lights. David Redelings PS. Thanks for your efforts to educate the public.
From: Michael Andrews Subject: Simply Awful Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 12:38:40 -0800 Our company has been using Simply "Awful" for the last 5 month after being "Electrified" by Electriciti. Service with Simply Awful started out great but took a quick downturn. WHEN the phone is answered I get a "Network protocol error, Configuration Error, check Dial up Networking error, etc... When I manage a connection they seem to be okay. I got the run-around regarding phonelines, phoneline noise, modems, system configuration and can no longer accept this type of punishment. I have a business account with webpage, domain name, etc... If I treated my customers we would be out of business. If you call Tech Support BRING A PILLOW because you will be there awhile. I use ACT3! and have documented every call and every error in connecting. I look at this list, add tech support wait time and see a small fortune of wasted time. No one can afford to lose this much time. BE WARNED, ABANDON ALL HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER I realize this may sound like a joke but are there any good ISP for businesses in San Diego? MAndrews
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 15:23:58 -0800 (PST) To: From: "V.labaC" Subject: Wanet review. Since I have been with Wanet I have never gotten a busy signal. I always connect in at True 57.600. Their price is compatable with all the other companies. I have never been "Knocked off" I have shell Pop3 and a web page (under construction.) They have access numbers all over the county. They supply the fastest newsfeeds. With the growing number of providers in the area, Wanet has fought along giving the best service (Far better the AOL or CTS) Prices at other IP's may be low but there are conditions that most of us don't realize. Some providers can cut cost beacuse they have parent companies to draw funds. ie Datel owns CTS. In the long run as sales decrease the rates will have to go up. Look to Wanet which is privatly owned to still offer the most competative aternative. V. labaC |Little creepy things are stalking |All around the neighborhood |So you better stock up on Chocolate |A Sugar Rush will fix them good. copyright 1997 by V. lebaC Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 15:11:02 -0800 (PST) From: "V.labaC" Subject: CTS I was with CTS for one month this summer. They were slow. Their tech support was lacking in knowledge (They didn't know were the super links for their web server was directed.) I had a web page but it took a long time(on phone hold hell) for the support staff to find out that they had miosspelled my name when setting up the account, thereby I didn't have access to fisrt my shaell, then my web page. I cancelled the service and explained that I was dissatified and why. They refused to companste by refunding one month's fee and setup and went on to bill me for a second month. I could drag them to court but the cost of filing is the cost I paid them. My current IP is much faster, helpfull, and availble. Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:32:42 -0700 From: Don Scott Subject: Problem with Simply Internet Hi may name is Don Scott and I would like to contact people who have had similar problems with simply internet ( see attachment). Since then they have refunded everything but the setup fee. I told them I would take them to court if needed. They said OK. Please forward this to people with similar problems. I have an attorney willing to file a class action suit when i have a least 5 people. If not I'll take them to small claims. The Judge should understand that i did not cancell my account, They did. Thanks Don Scott computer science CSULB Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 17:52:32 -0700 From: Don Scott X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01Gold (Win95; I) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: CC:,,,,,,,,, Subject: refund References: <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit > Subject: billing error > Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 18:35:43 -0700 > From: Don Scott > To: > > On 3-25 I opened an internet account with you. I tried for a couple of > days to connect and was not able to because of "phone line problems". I > talked to you on the phone and you said you would take care of it by > canceling my account and refunding the charge. the next month (4-21)the > charge showed up on my bill for 84.70. I called you and you said you > found an error. you said you would credit my account. I just recieved > my bill dated 5-21 and guess what? no credit. > > I'll call on monday to try to fix this problem. > I hope that by the time I call it will be taken care of already > > thanks > Don Scott After sending this note I called and talker to billing. I was told that since i used the account for 3 hours on the first day I could only have a prorated refund and the setup fee was not refundable. Setup fee? I Have the ad fron the march microtimes it doesn't say any thing about a setup fee. when I opened the account there was no mention of a setup fee. Anyhow I could only connect on the first day and by that evening I was having trouble. tech support had me delete files and reinstall dialup network each and every time I tried to connect. Finaly they said that the lines were being worked on. I was interested in a service that my wife or kids could dial not only me if I was lucky. On the third day of tring I talked to Darrin. He asked what number I called and I told him Irvine. Then he said he would cancell my account and refund my money. That was 2 months ago. I have not heard from Darrin and this is my last attempt to contact your office. I have discussed the problem with my attorney. If the $84.70 is not credited to my account by 2:00 Thursday June 5th I shall begin the legal process.
From: To: Subject: Need advise on multilingual web site hosting Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 21:47:39 -0700 I am trying to find an ISP preferably in the San Diego area to host my web site. It is created in Front Page 97 and in two languages, Russian and English. Does anybody know of ISP's that have any experience in working internationally or in multilingual environment? What kind of problems should I anticipate if the customer from Russia accesses my web site hosted in the US and how can I fix it? I e-mailed my questions to several ISP's in San Diego (A+Net, Electriciti, ADN) but yet to hear back from them. Any advise is appreciated! Alex
Subject: Simply Internet Experience Date: Thu, 9 Oct 97 11:50:39 -0700 x-sender: From: Kenneth Bousquet To: Mime-Version: 1.0 Status: O X-Status: I have benn using Simply Internet Since November of 1995 which gives me a considerable perspective on their service. It has not been with out Problems, particularly at first. If I were judging their service from a point of veiw in which I had not seen other services, I might be inclined to switch providers. I do a good deal of in home support for Members of the Oceanside Macintosh User Group. In this capacity I see a grab sample of various ISP connecting with a variety of System Configurations, telephone lines, modem combinations. This view involves Macintosh Platform only. It is not unusual for me to see a great connection with a particular ISP on one day and a poor connection on the same computer a day later. There is no ISP I have ever seen that doesn't have some really bad connections, and that includes Simply Internet. I am on the Internet 30-40 hours /week and have not seen a good enough reason to change my service ( Cable Modem Not Available In My Location ). Talking to a live person on TechSupport can be a long hold. If you can connect, email response has generally been within 4 hours. My recent connection problems turned out to be a change of phone #s which I was not aware of. I can download at 3.4 to 3.5 kbs fairly often. If I connect to one site and the transfer is 3.2 kbs and the next site is 60 bps, I am pretty clear that the problem is not at Simply Internet. I know that I live in a 26 year old apartment building and the phone lines are less than perfect. I haven't used the Web Page Hosting ( They Have It ) as we have WEB page hosting for a very large Site on a server in San Francisco. I have not used the News Groups enough to have an opinion. Ken Bousquet Ocenside Macintosh User Group
From: "" Subject: A+ Net Experience Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 17:00:12 -0700 Organization: Dolphin Ad Design Hello, In July 97 I began using A+ Net. At the time they were running an offer of no busy signals. 3 Busy signals in one month and you got the month free. I had found them on this list and through that sounded good. Basic personal service is about $15 per month. I made it through July with only two busy signals. Each time I tried an alternate number and got on. During July and August I kept getting dropped after being connected 10 to 20 minutes. That seldom happens now 10/97). Using MSN I am experiencing more time outs or can't connects. I will usually drop the MSN connect, logon with A+ and immediately connect. I use the service to host my business web pages. They have several types of account with varying amounts of web space. I decided they were the people I wanted from what I felt was the clearest and most professional presentation of these options. I use a 20mb web space. Customer service is an odd balance of excellent and not there. I find that e-mail to tech support does not get answered... well not any time soon. A phone call between 8-5 working hours M-F is usually answered and wait time has never been longer than 2 or 3 minutes. My problems have been fixed in just a few minutes. The support people were busy, good and nice. The accounting people are way cool. The news groups are not something I use a lot. I still have an account with CompuServe. Compared to CS the newsgroups seem slow moving and inactive. I just helped a friend with their NetComm setup. There are thousands of groups on NetComm and they appear to be about the same groups on A+. I have not asked A+ to add a group so I don't know how responsive they are. A+ has recently added 56k Flex. There is no extra charge for it. I noticed that NetComm charges $5 more a month for the 56k connect. In general I am very pleased with A+. They have never lost my mail (MSN dropped my mail two or three times). Plus they have a mirror site for TUCOWS. Many of my software upgrades are downloaded from Tucows. That mirror site allows me to download at my full connect speed. Downloading through CompuServe or MSN sometimes means a 900 cps transfer rate (time to hang it up). My A+ downloads from other sites often run at at near connect speed. SO far I like A+ and recommend them. Alan Cates
X-Sender: Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 16:18:43 -0700 From: "Charles P. Elliott" Subject: Rating of 1. How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? Very seldom. I occasionally have to dial an alternate (but still local) access line. 2. How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? Is there a limit to how many hours? If so what is the charge for additional hours. $18.95. No. 3. Are homepages offered? If so how much storage are you given? Can you put up imagemaps? Yes, but I haven't tried it. 4. How is the customer service when there is a problem? Outstanding. Technical support people are accessible and competent. 5. How many newsgroups does the server carry? Is there news lag? They're there, but not a priority with me 6. Are there dial-in lines throughout the county? Yes. In Del Mar, I have access to 3 in my local calling area. 7. Are the modems 33.6? ISDN available? What kind of transfer rates do you get? 33.6 and 56. Yes. I'm routinely connecting at 33.6 with my 33.6 modem. CTSNet ( is an excellent service.
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 16:21:09 -0700 From: George Wildberger Reply-To: To: Subject: AT&T WorldNet ISP service I have been using WorldNet for the last 15 months. For the first few months (8-11 or 12/96) they sucked - hard. I got dropped at least once a night and sometimes waited 20-30 minutes for a connection. At the time we were using ADN at work and they sucked too (they still do) so I didn't know any better. Then AT&T's mail-server went down for about a week in January and they finally figured out that they REALLY needed to upgrade their service...and they have - in spades! I now connect first time, every time at 31104 (with a 33.6 int. modem). They haven't lost any of my mail for six months and the newsgroup feeds are quick and plentiful. I went from bad-mouthing them to recommending them in the space of 3 months last spring. I had the chance to test their customer service last August on a billing issue and they came through with flying colors. Not only did they admit that the problem was their fault, they gave me a $10.00 credit for that month! I recommend them highly for anyone who travels. They have numbers all over the country and an 800 number that works even from Madagascar! Love yer show!
From: Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 14:59:37 -0700 (PDT) Subject: APlus Net I've had APlus Net since 7/97. I have had a continual problem with e-mail that is sent to me bounced and returned. My friends often call to say that the e-mail they sent was returned after 3 days or more. In conversations with tech support, I am told my account looks ok and no problems. I did ask if they blacked out to keep spammers out and if that was a reason my mail was bouncing. Tech support told me that they don't black out for spamming. So, I'm searching for a new ISP that is reliable for e-mail delivery to me. Suggestions are welcome. J.E. Brown
Sender: Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 15:55:22 -0700 From: Michael Bergknoff Organization: Platinum Technology Subject: InCom Hi, This is a report on the ISP InCom. I signed up with them late in 1996 and was happy with their service for about 9 months. Unfortunately, soon after they installed some new hardware for K56, I started getting hangups every 10-20 minutes. Their customer support was sloooooow and not helpful so I had to drop them. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Michael Bergknoff Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 09:05:37 -0800 From: "Lawrence O'Neal Rouse" Reply-To: Organization: The Graphic Overflow Subject: Re: secure servers > >I noticed a complete lack of questions and postings regarding secure > >server service from local San Diego ISPs. I'm talking about secure credit card order forms, not email. The server, for example, is secure and uses the Apache Stronghold SSL secure server software vended by Unfortunately, znet uses their server controlled cgi-bin to impliment this and won't release example URLs of clients who are running their own secure sites on their server bu using local directories they control. This was my question. The ISP list doesn't address this issue.
From: Wolf Paulus Subject: ISP rating Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 16:46:10 -0700 Organization: Cardiff Software, Inc. Hi all, here comes my rating of the IPS MSWIN.NET ( after a labor day weekend without getting any access whatsoever... 1. How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? About every 4. dial-in attempt 2. How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? Is there a limit to how many hours? If so what is the charge for additional hours. No it is unlimited, however, you often get disconnected and it is hard to re-connect (see 1.) 3. Are homepages offered? If so how much storage are you given? Can you put up imagemaps? 1 MB for storage for homepages is given. 4. How is the customer service when there is a problem? There is a phone number with an answering machine, but I wasn't even able to leave a message. 5. How many newsgroups does the server carry? Is there news lag? Don't know, however, there is a newsserver. 6. Are there dial-in lines throughout the county? There are three different dial-in numbers with a 1:6 ratio (well, that's at least what I was told) 7. Are the modems 33.6? ISDN available? What kind of transfer rates do you get? The fastest connection I was able to get was 24.000 but even with CTS I get only 26.400 BPS most of the time might be my phone line I hope you guys enjoy a much better service ... *********************************** Wolf Paulus Software Engineer Cardiff Software, Inc. Voice: (760) 761-4564 Fax: (760) 752-5222 X400: c=US;a= ;p=Cardiff Software;o=SanDiego;s=paulus ***********************************
7 Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 23:02:39 -0700 From: Sang Kang To: Subject: Another line for AzNet Hi again.... I have a few things to say about AzNET so here I go. It has been a great time surfing with AzNET -- there service and performance is fantastic in my point of view. It has constant speed, good tech service, (what else can I expect from an ISP?) Recently I digged out one of my old 14.4kbps modem from God-knows-where and tried to get simultaneous access (28.8kbps + 14.4kbps = 43.2kbps =~ bad 56kbps, right?) but the ISP only accepts one connection at a time, saying that "if you want more bandwidth, get another account," and CEO (a SDSU graduate '71?) was saying that it is just a bad business if a user decided to allow his account for others to use. And I am forced to change to another ISP which I'm looking at ComputorEdge right now. Frankly, that is the only reason I'm switching to another ISP -- I want to use two modems. If you know a reliable ISP which has lower than $10 per month rate (with one full year of payment, of course), please mail me. Here's my review on AzNET: . How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? Never out of service. Busy signals at night, but I simply call another phone line if it happens. . How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? Is there a limit to how many hours? If so what is the charge for additional hours. no limit. Please see here 5. How many newsgroups does the server carry? Is there news lag? as much as SDSU has. no lag. God bless every ISP. Sang Kang
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 22:41:10 -0700 From: "George Edw. Seymour" To: Subject: ISPs in San Diego Hi: Have you seen the most recent edition of BoardwatcH magazine? Apparently they provide the first ever evaluation of access rates (speed and variability) for backbone ISP in the US. Quite an eye-opener. But on to my question. I am trying to find the first or close to first WWW sites in San Diego (.com or .org or .edu, etc.). If anyone knows who would have that information, please contact me. Thanks, George Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 10:39:41 -0700 From: Peter Kraatz Reply-To: Subject: CNSII/IWSC ISPs I was a customer of CNSII for about 8 months until recently. CNSII was the absolute worst operation I have ever done business with. 60% down time, mail up only 50% of the time, and newsgroups were almost never. They divested their ISP operations to IWSC, and after one phone call, all problems I had were solved. The switchover was handled badly by CNSII. Their letters that went out explaining the change provided no details WHATSOEVER about new servers, name changes, etc. The folks at IWSC ( cleared up the mess in less than 5 minutes on the phone. I am an advanced user, and they were able to answer all of my questions quickly, completely, and without a lot of bull. In fact, the support rep I talked to immediately rattled off ip addresses, server names, and lots of other useful info once I told him what I wanted, without hesitation or waffling. So far, this is the best service I've had in 6 years. 1. How often is the service down or unreachable due to busy phone lines? Never been unreachable; I get a busy signal on 1% of my calls, but 99% of the time I can get in on the redial within 2 minutes. 2. How much for monthly SLIP/PPP access? Is there a limit to how many hours? If so what is the charge for additional hours. 20 bucks flat rate unlimited time (ppp) 3. Are homepages offered? If so how much storage are you given? Can you put up imagemaps? yes, but I am unclear about the details 4. How is the customer service when there is a problem? so far, they're batting 1.000 5. How many newsgroups does the server carry? Is there news lag? I don't know, but if the server doesn't carry it and you request it (by trying to load it), it usually is fully updated within 5 minutes. 6. Are there dial-in lines throughout the county? yes 7. Are the modems 33.6? ISDN available? What kind of transfer rates do you get? unknown, yes, and my transfer rates are always superior (28.8 modem). 75% of the time I connect at full speed, never lower than 26400 baud. -- Peter Kraatz
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 14:17:07 -0700 From: Charles Quinn Organization: Second Star Development Subject: ISP Hi Rosebud, I love your site. I stumbled on it of course. I like this section also. I have seen all the stuff about simply internet and I think they should change the name to simply annoying. We use it at work, not my decision. At home I use Mysurf. It is only cheaper than SI $14, $12, $10 (paid by month, 6 mo, year). It is also a lot faster than SI even in the good days (I never thought they were good). They say they are the fastest service on the planet. I know that they have 100 T1 lines going out. I don't know there modem to user ratio, but I have never had trouble getting on and I have never been disconnected like SI. Gotta, Contact is waiting. Q.
X-Sender: Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 19:38:39 -0700 From: Dave Sawyer Subject: Simply Internet I was recently checking your page again just for the heck of it. I found a response from a "M.R.Murphy" to my post about my experiences with Simply Internet. I was just a little bit incensed when I read his closing remark. "We tried to explain it to him. We were unsuccessful." What Mr. Murphy failed to ever realize is that my problems were in getting their machines to answer the phone! Yes, there were disconnects and hook-up problems as well...but far fewer than just "Simply" answering the phone. Since the date of the message Mr. Murphy quotes, I've been with CTSNET. I have yet to get a busy signal; or any other error! I have connected at 28k once, every other time has been at 31.2K. I would probably get faster connections if my phone line were closer to my machine. I still have the same hardware and software configuration I had (with exception to some minor updates) when I used Simply Internet. Yes, Mr. Murphy, I understand what a modem to modem signal over a phone line goes through. But that doesn't really matter if your computer never answers the phone, does it? Besides that...Thank you very much for this page. It has been very useful for a couple of the people I suggested it to. C'ya! >Dave<
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:44:28 -0700 From: Mike Parr Subject: Simply Internet Ditto all the negative comments about SI. I've been a subscriber for the past ten months and have seen connectivity deteriorate in the last month or so to an extreme. My email to President Jay Lacny and responses follow: Those things sound like advice to a newby. I've been on inet for more than a year. The problems to which I refer have been gradually getting worse. Don't see how that can be on this end as I've not changed any equipment! Mike At 12:22 PM 7/7/97 -0700, you wrote: >There are a couple of things that you can set up on your side to try to >alleviate this. ONe is to get the initialization string for your brand and >model modem and enter it. Also, you can call an alternate number as it >sounds like there is a modem compatibility issue. Access numbers can be >found at and clicking on Access Numbers. I will >check things on my end and make sure everything is OK. > > >At 11:53 PM 7/6/97 -0700, you wrote: >>Jay: >> >>Increasingly, I'm finding it very difficult to connect to SI (and connection >>ease is why I'm with you). Usually now taking two to three tries. It's not >>a busy signal problem, but rather after a handshake I'm disconnected or it >>just hangs. Can you do something? >> >>Mike >> >>Kirk, please respond to Mike and help him out with his settings or if we >>have an issue address it. cc me on the response. >> >>Thanks, >> >> >> >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > - Simply Internet - > System Administrator > 8963 Complex Dr., Suite F > San Diego, CA 92123 > > PH: 619.565.7873 FAX: 619.514.3947 URL: > > >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > X-Sender: Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 17:10:48 -0700 From: Bob Van Epps Subject: Simply Internet is Simply Unacceptable I have used Simply Internet since early 1996. There have always been problems but lately it has gotten to the point where I will be moving to another ISP. For a long time the chronic problem was disconnects, thousands of them. I was on a first name basis with Jay, the president of the company. He never denied that there was a problem but never did anything to solve it either. Lately the number of disconnects has gone down significantly. That problem has been replaced with extremely slow connections, (sometimes measured in bytes per second rather than kb per second.) More annoying is the inability to even make a connection. I never get a busy signal, the phone just keeps on ringing. I think Simply Internet has outgrown its ability to provide decent service. If anyone knows of a really good ISP, please let me know. Electronicly Yours, Bob Van Epps Diamond Safety Concepts Phone/Fax 619-942-2914 E-mail
X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 23:52:01 -1000 To: From: Jolly Family Subject: Simply Internet Hi... We've been using Simply Internet for over a year now. For the first 9 months or so...the service was fantastic! Always able to connect right away...never any disconnects. Unfortunately in the last few months....their service....has gone downhill... way downhill. I can count on, at least, a 20 minute....if not longer, wait to get a solid connection in the evenings...after 8 usually. When I complained, I recieved a letter stating...At 6 pm last night, there were over 150 available modems. Something was also said about Pacific Bell. I wasn't having problems at 6...but, later in the evenings. Since then...(about a month and a half ago) seems like it's happening ALL the time. Sometimes, it just keeps ringing...never gets picked up. Some times...busy. Other times...the "protocol" isn't right. More and more often whats happening is....I am getting a connection with Simply Internet...but, can't access anything....not even email. The disconnects are getting worse all the time. It's very frustrating. It's not unusual to be unable to connect for 30-40 minutes. Looking for a reliable...reasonable provider! Lori
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 12:15:35 -0700 From: aleaxander Subject: @home cable ISP I have had the @home cable internet service for about three weeks now, and all I can say is wow! It is amazing!!! I have gone for maximum download speeds of 3k or so per second on my 33.6 modem to 300k per second on my cable modem, and supposedly it is capable of going faster ! Up to ten megabytes per second upload and download! I used to work at a company that had a T1 line in SF, and my speeds on @home are just as fast or faster. Okay, I guess I should describe the setup a bit. I called up cox cable (they are the cable company in SD that offers the service) when I had heard the service was now available in my area. They told me a bit about it, but I had already done research on the system, so I was just like, "I don't care! When can you install it?". They made an apointment to come about 3 days later. Two men showed up, one to install the cable wires into my bedroom from outside, and the other to add the equipment to my system and configure everything. They install a cable modem, which is an external box that the cable connects to, and an ethernet card that connects to the cable modem. They have PCI ethernet cards, but they only give you one if you have no regular slots available in you pc (I don't know about macs, but the service is available for them too), so borrow some cards from your friends before they come to install stuff. Installation took about an hour, and the guy was really nice. He set up their software on the system (a special version of netscape and a few other components) and then showed me around thier website a bit. The @home website (which only seems to be accessable by subscribers) is really good! A huge amount of interesting info, international to local, available on a very organized web site that is updated daily. So, you get more than just a really fast internet connection, you also get some services too, and supposedly they will continue to update their software (so netscape 4.0 pretty soon). Also as part of the deal you get an e-mail account, access to a very large newsgroup selection, and 5 megs of web-space to make a web-page. I love the fact that I am always connected to the internet, you never turn off the cable modem, so you never have to log on and off your ISP. Of course, you can turn off your computer, but when you turn it on again, you are instantly connected. Things I don't like about the service: I can't set up my computer as a server, even though I have a static IP address through @home. Their system is not set up for this (but maybe someday?), probably for security reasons. I'd like to be able to have my own registered domain name on the service. I'd like to be able to get more web-space. But overall I'm really happy with their service. It costs a bit more than a normal ISP, $150 setup fee (but the bill I got was only for $100... so I don't know if I just haven't gotten it all yet) and $50 per month. But if you are on the net a lot like me, you will save so much time with @home. Those 2 meg programs you want to download now that take up all your bandwith for several minutes will take only a few seconds to get and you can do other things at the same time, it won't slow down the connection speed. If you play on-line games, you will find that your latency is super fast, like off the scale. Video and Hi-fi audio on-line. This is a glimpse of the future. Check it out! Aleaxander
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 14:38:14 -0700 From: dempsey Reply-To: Subject: slow service and many drop offs We have been with Simply Internet for about six weeks and find their service has much to desire. We are running a Pentium 133 with USR 33.6 and 386 DX40 with a Zoom 33.6. Both have slowed down considerable and each has had hard times connecting. We normally get connected at 26400 and get dropped off quite often We called and complained and were told to contact the phone company, which we did. The lines all checked o.k.The odds of both computers having the same problems at exactly the same times are almost non-existant. The computers are on separate dedicated lines in the Point Loma area. We are now talking about getting a different server. conrad (}
From: Tom Brown Reply-To: Subject: San Diego ISPs Have you looked at IBM Internet Connection ( It was given a top rating by C|NET a while back. They have POPs in Sand Diego (619-657), Escondido, and El Centro, and all are supposed to be X2 capable. I have used them for over a year and have had very few problems. -- Tom Brown
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 22:07:40 -0700 From: Dufus Reply-To: To: Subject: Thanks for your service! I'd like to add my 2 cents worth. I have been extremely patient with 4dcommunications, but they just can't seem to get their act together. I've lost so much E-Mail, and spent so much time on the phone trying to get support that I have to change servers. Any suggestions out there? Reliability is a must!
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 20:00:14 -0700 From: "M.R.Murphy" Subject: wrt Dave Sawyer's message Cc: Dave Sawyer wrote, in part, wrt Simply Internet, ... They did absolutly nothing to investigate or otherwise resolve the problem. ... Here's an excerpt from the last response to his e-mail to Simply Internet: SI>From your previous mail on the subject: DS>There is nothing wrong with my system. Everything is setup the DS>way it should be. I have a USR 33.6 modem in a P166 computer. DS>When I do finally get a connection, it's usually 28.8k. It has DS>been as low as 9600! SI>and the response: SI> That you get connections from 9600 to 28.8K does indicate that there is SI> something amiss with your system _or_ with the telephone system between SI> you and Simply Internet. 33.6 is the maximum connection rate. When a pair SI> of modems negotiate a connection speed, they choose a rate for maximum SI> throughput considering retry frequency. If you are consistantly having SI> problems connecting or if you see low speed connections, then there is SI> a problem. Switching providers may help you if they happen to be in SI> a different central office. Switching will not help if it is a problem SI> with your local telephone exchange, the equipment between your exchange SI> and your modem (including but not limited to your in-house wiring), or SI> with your modem. SI> SI> You might want to check that your USR 33.6 modem has the latest SI> firmware. USR has had problems with the 33.6 Sportster (and almost SI> no problems with the more expensive Courier). Check the USR webpage SI> for information. SI> SI> Good luck with your new provider. SI> SI>CTS is a good provider; you'll do well with them. If telephone SI>routing changes between you and them, as it can _without_ notice, SI>you'll encounter similar problems. At that time it will again be SI>to your advantage to check the USR webpage for more information. We tried to explain it to him. We were unsuccessful. For, -- Mike Murphy mrm@Mole.ORG +1 619 598 5874 Better is the enemy of Good
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 08:49:54 -0700 From: Aleaxander Organization: Carbonated MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Subject: cnsii internet I joined cns internet about a month and a half ago and I can say that they are the worst ISP I have ever had. I can almost always connect, but my download speeds are incredibly slow. Sometimes I have to hit reload to see a web page several times just to get a few banners to finally download. Takes me two or three minutes sometimes just to get my 10 or so pieces of mail, and forget newsgroups. Slow, bad latency (don't try and play internet games), long waits and they have never updated their web page. When I write them for support or with complaints I get no response. Please put the word out that they are just bad at what they do. I'm going to be getting the @home service next month, I'll write you and tell you about it. Aleaxander (soon to be
Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 To: From: Dave Sawyer Subject: Simply Internet vs. CTS Mime-Version: 1.0 Status: O X-Status: First, Thank you for this forum! My experience is with Simply Internet as recent as 2 months ago (March 97). I experienced continued problems getting their modems to answer at all. Then, if they answered, they couldn't negotiate properly. I changed from a Zoom VFP to a USR 33.6 Sportster and the problems remained the same. When I finally did get a connection, it was never over 28.8 and usually 22 - 24.6. After complaining long and hard, nothing was done. They insisted it was my problem. They did absolutly nothing to investigate or otherwise resolve the problem. My final use of "Simple Net" was to download the CTS software. The setup was quick and easy. My account and my computer were setup automatically with minimal input from me. It took all of 5 minutes for the whole process. Now THAT'S simple! Since using CTS, connect speeds are consistently 31.2 (I think it would be better if I had a shorter phone line, but that's not possible right now). I have noticed lately that my download speeds have been kind of slow when I'm out in the web. This could be traffic or server related, but it hasn't been to bad. I did experience a 4 hour download of Macfee's new virus scanner. That was the worst. My only complaint about the account, is that web pages are NOT included. I haven't had to use CTS tech support yet, but shortly after I signed up...a man called me to see how I liked the service! I thought that was a nice touch. In conclusion, I think Simply Internet should not exist. They give ISPs a bad name. And I think CTS should be the ISP of choice. They are professional and seem to want to keep customers. Once again, thank you for the forum... >Dave<
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:35:54 -0800 From: (Cathy Miller) To: Subject: CNS Internet/IWSC I'd like to retract the kudos I gave to CNS Internet several months ago. They've recently switched all of their Internet accounts over to a local company called IWSC. Since the switchover in February, service has literally fallen apart. Server down constantly, disconnected dial-up numbers, etc. etc. etc. Customer service nothing but soothing sounds with no delivery of what needs to be done. My advice is to avoid CNS Internet and/or IWSC like the plague. Terrible ISPs.
From: "Ray Woods" To: Subject: Simply Internet Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 23:46:19 -0800 I am writing this to confirm Robertb's problem with simply internet.AVOID simply internet at all costs!!!1. I have the same problems with inetworld. Their dial up lines frequently ring and ring and ring. I can't say for sure but I believe I know what their problem is. They run supra modems. simple as that. back when I ran a local bbs here in San Diego (Neverland) I made the mistake of using a Supra modem. The thing constantly failed to initiaize causeing the thing to do the same thing I get with inetworld. 2. When the lines do answer, half the time I get failed handshakes. When I signed up with them in the first place I asked them what they run. they told me they run supra modems and that I should buy one. So I bit my tongue and bought another Supra. I still kept getting failed handshakes I promptly sold the Supra and tried a Zoom. Still no good... I sold that one too and bought a USR External 33600 and still failed handshakes about 50% of the time. Generally before I can get onto simply internet I must try about 5 to 10 times before I connect well. The highest speeds I have ever reached was 31200 with the usr. I suppose that I should mention that I have no problem at all with my MSN account but that their have significant lag.. I get good solid 33600 connections no problem and never ever get dropped or busy signals or failed handshakes... 3. Now that I am online and rolling along just fine.. I get dropped. AHHH!!! I love to play online games like Warcraft... subspace... Getting dropped totally screws me up... Some nights I can't remain connected very long but others I can. Tonight is a fairly good night I have only been disconnected 2 times. Inetworld has acknowledged their bandwidth problem and is supposedly upgrading this weekend. that's a plus.4. I cannot say that I have had any problems with mail. They have been good to me about getting me my mail.... My web page with Inetworld has been handled properly as well. Customer service is pretty good too... However... tech support seriously lags. I signed up with them 1 year ago (my subscription expires next mo. YES!) and they were very nice to me.. they even waived my setup fee when I payed for my year up front. I just think that if I am paying for a service I think I should get good stable service. Tech support couldn't help me set up this inet account on Win 95 when I first signed on.. I hope they have figured this ut by now... I had to enlist the help of a friend. This was back when the internet was still new to me. Now I help set up people's machines... I have called through the tech support and was put on hold for a very long time.... the tech line just felt to me very unknowledgeable.5. In responce to the message by Jay the president of inetworld.... sorry but you DO have some big problems there and you could probably solve the most by swapping out the Supras for USRs. I am not sure how Inetworlds phone lines work but I seem to get the best connections from their Mira Mesa Numbers 880-0601.... Good luck to all that use Inetworld... they aren't real bad but currently the connections are unreliable... personally I am goota switch to Cox Cables internet service over the cable lines..... In a couple of months I will let you all know how that turns out....-Ray RWoods@inetworld.netR-Woods@msn.com
Sender: Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 19:29:53 -0800 From: Sean Kang I've been using Connectnet at least half a year now, and I'm so-so satisfied. But since they discontinued unlimited hour service, I decided to move to another ISP (I'll probably join NetworkMCI. if anyone have comments on NetworkMCI, please e-mail me. 1. no busy signal at all since I was using it 24/7. :) (you know, when the signal drops, it automatically reconnects....). server downtime is rare( see NOC list for the list), but I experience lag a lot with La Mesa modem pool. Sometimes DTR drops to 6kbps. 2. check their website for the princing. 3. never used/considered using their hopepage feature. So I don't know anything about it. 4. So far I only had problem with La Mesa modem pool. One of the most undesirable feature of connectnet is that I cannot change my password for CHAP login. I e-mailed several times asking how to change my password, but never heard anything from them till now. 6. They have five phone lines throughout the San Diego area. I don't have/couldn't find the list of local phone #'s in their web site. 7. 33.6kbps and ISDN are available. I normally get 26kbps with my sportster Vi w/ voice 28.8 (not user whether it is 33.6 or not).
X-Sender: Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 16:28:15 -0800 To: From: amalia barrios Subject: ZNET Hi, saw your web site and found it very useful. I'm currently looking for an ISP and right now, and ZNET ( seems to be the one that's coming out ahead because of it's promotional offer (ending 2/15/97): $9.95 / month unlimited internet access, 1 e-mail account 10 MB web space plus all the other little details most other providers include. This seems like a pretty good deal, albeit, at this rate you have to sign up for one year in advance. I don't mind that if I know I'll be getting a good provider. My question is, has anyone had any complaints or problems with this provider? I would like to get any kind of feedback before the Feb. 15 as that's when this deal expires. Thanks, Amalia Barrios
From: Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 12:16:26 -0800 MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Subject: Input on potential provider Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had good and or bad experiences with a company called Internet Express. 619 632-0292. I am considering changed my service and hanging our new web page there. Let me know. Thank you Larry O'Shell 619-675-3377

Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 07:56:33 -0800 From: Dave Chin To: Subject: NETCOM.COM Seems like Simply Internet isn't that bad at all from what I've read on this forum. I would say it's better than netcom. Of course, I can't blame Netcom of their slower speed since they are a larger ISP. Everytime when I start to download, the Kbytes/s starts really slow, and as time passes, then the rate eventually go tup to 2.8 or 2.9K/s. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be like that. One of my friend told me that netcom is slower because they have more people in it. Also, there are times when the line is busy(in San Diego area, 234-0524) and I can't get connected for about 10-15 mins. One thing I don't understand is that sometimes when I get connected (using Win95 dialup adapter), I can't connect to anything at all, it says no DNS entry. So I hanged up and dial again, and it got connected, but it works just fine, so I am suspecting that maybe one port(?), server or line is screwed up? busy? Other than that, it has only 1meg byte of webpage space and that is not enough for a page with photo albums(unless you have tinny icon-like pictures, which are icons and not pictures!) As of now, when you click on the webpage icon on the homeport page, you'll see that the ftp upload picture utility was said to be available in the near future. Well, it has been a long future and it is still not working. So I turned to geocities for help. Also, I have just checked the users webpages, and it took so long to start downloading their pages, it says "connected" right away, but there's a long pause before some text shows up. >From their webpage, I thought I read somewhere that they can give you instant access and tell you the ip address and smtp stuff right away, but the person on the other side of the line just kept saying, your CD rom is sent and will be in your mail withint 4-5 days. Then after 4-5 days, I called again since I got nothing. Then he said, it will take about 9-10 days. So I waited. And still receive nothing. Later on I found out that it was the postal problem, but they never tell me that I can pick up a copy of the CD rom at Computercity! Or any location near by. has a lot of junk mail, I understand that geocities should have some junk mail, or advertisment since it's free. But netcom isn't. I should have the right of not receive these mails, right? Okay, maybe it's somewhere in the terms and condition section that I didn't read thoroughly. (so I went and read it, no it's not there!) One more thing, I signed up when netcom offered first month for 5 dollars for new user sign up, I signed up but since I didn't receive the CD rom, I couldn't start using my account (and only later did I find out that to login with # then I will get a ppp connection from the shell prompt). But you still need the CD rom to setup the password, right? So I didn't get my 5 dollar worth of my account usage because I only use it for like 10 days and it was the end of the month, and they have billed me for the next month for 19.95 already at the beginning of next month. In any event, I do not recommend Netcom in the San Diego area.
William Alan Kronert San Diego, Ca. For the best local small providers I would choice: They have plenty of OPS all through San Diego. They have gone through massive upgardes, improvements over the years, they offer good prices for many different types of accounts. They offer personal web pages, PPP/Slip and shell accounts, there News has improved greatly and is in my opinion pretty darn good. They have at least two different T3 lines running their connections, good connection rates. For the best in national providers I would have to go with: They offer very much the same as but I would rate them better in general. For the next best in national providers I would have to with either (shell accounts) or actually is pretty darn good, great internet conections (you will find many of the small local providers here, getting their connection to the internet, through They offer killer deals on unlimited access for PPP/Slip/Shell with web pages, good connections, no busy signals etc. Both and have T3 lines, news varies at times but mostly darn good. offers killer news, the best in best for news service. All three providers use what is consider the standard in machines, Sparc's. I believe Primenet offers the best in Tech. support, 24 hr 800 help line. In general from my experience I would find the above providers,,,, to be of good value
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 23:11:01 -0800 From: Jay Lacny Subject: Simply Internet Service Lastly, in response to RobertB's report on Simply Internet's service, yes it was a configuration issue with HIS system. Our System's Admin, who also works at Qualcomm, contacted Robert when he posted his email message at Qualcomm pointing out his errors. Jay Lacny President Simply Internet


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