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Dr. Fun


 A guy walked into a gay bar and sat down at the counter.  He called the
bartender over and asked for a drink.  The bartender agreed, but told him that
first he had to name his penis.  The guy thought for a minute, and figured
that maybe he could get some suggestions.  So he walked up to a guy who was
playing pool and asked, "What's the name of your penis?"  The guy playing pool
answered, "Ford.  Have you driven a Ford lately?"  And he returns to playing
pool.  So the guy walked to a man watching a poker game and asked, "What's the
name of your penis?"  The guy answered, "Timex.  Takes a lickin', keeps on
tickin'."  And he walked away.  So the guy walked back up to the counter and
asked the bartender for a drink.  The bartender asked, "Have you named your
penis yet?"  The guy answered, "Yeah.  Secret.  Strong enough for a man, but
made for a woman.  Can I have my drink now?"

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