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Shaolin Kung Fu traces its origin to a Buddhist monastery in Honan Province around AD 495. Bohidharma, the twenty-eight patriarch, travelled from India to China to spread the teachings of Dhyana Buddhism. Arriving at the Shaolin monastery he introduced a series of 49 exercises known as the I-Chin-Ching or Book of Muscle Changes to strengthen the monks mentally and physically.

Beginning in the eight century AD other temples were established. These temples developed their own specialized systems, meditative practices, and herbal medicine. Among these temples was the Fukien Temple whose last Grandmaster was Su Kong Tai Jin. He passed the title on to Ie Chang Ming who fled to Indonesia after killing 11 soldiers who were oppressing him. In 1968 Sin Kwang Thé became Grandmaster. Our school is headed by 5th degree black belt, Associate Master Jeff Rose who has studied under Grandmaster Sin for over 20 years. The Grandmaster visits a few times a year to perform rank advancement tests.

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  • The beginning class teaches 30 self-defense techniques, 15 street fighting techniques, short stick & bo kata, and basic forms such as the tiger. In the advanced class you learn more advanced forms such the 3 white cranes, 3 bird kata, the black mountain tiger. Some of the advanced weapons forms taught are the bo, Chinese broadsword, and the sai. Students learn to apply the forms and self-defense techniques learned through contact sparring. Breathing and meditation exercises to strenthen the chi and the I Chin Ching which strengthen various parts of the body are taught at the brown belt level.

    Interested in studying Shaolin Kung Fu at UCSD? You can observe the classes by seeking the permission of the instructor before class starts. The beginning class meets:
    Tuesday and Thursday 7 - 8 p.m. in the west balcony of the main gym.

    The brown belt class meets:
    Sunday 6 - 8 p.m. in Rimac Activity room 3.

  • Enrollment info (619) 534-4037
  • More info about our school.
  • Other Shaolin Schools
  • Shaolin Do: Secrets from the Temple written by Grandmaster Sin.
  • The Grandmaster staring Grandmaster Sin!
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